Okay, so… Last last week, I joined Catch Gaviola’s giveaway (I know… His name’s so cool :D) since he was giving away these cool Topman Items which I am enjoying right now… kinda wore it for 2 days straight matching them with my new found loves… My boots hahaha!



It was awesome! because I’ve always thought that I was never going to win anything, but yeah, TOTALLY AWESOME that I won Topman items :D One of my favorite brands of all time, next to 5cm, that is :D Anyways… I went to claim my prize at the Megamall Atrium Starbucksfrom Catch G. and I was just expecting a hi-hello type of thing since, you know, I’m not much of a talkative person and I have this fear of meeting people and having awkward moments, but surprisingly, when I got there, he said, “Why don’t you sit down?” and I was like… AWKWARD STARTING IN 3…2..1… and you know what? there was no dull moment!


I had fun talking to him about blogging and travel, fashion and I learned so much… This is what I like about the blogging community. Besides just getting to meet people, you get to know them.  He also taught me so much about accessories and clothing and stuff. He taught me how to make my own feather necklace :D and here’s the outcome :D sorry for the picture… I used my phone instead of a camera because my camera’s on the fritz O.O

While we were talking, he stopped and then stared behind me and then he tried to get a hold of words as if he was grasping for air… in a good way though :D  He told me that Mikey Bustos just passed by and as if I wasn’t shocked enough, he called out to Mikey and Mikey Bustos, THE MIKEY BUSTOS came up to us. 

We had our picture taken with him and I was like woah they were talking to each other O.O So, I asked Catch if he knew Mikey personally or online and you can imagine my amazement when he said no. Smiley translation—> :O lol!  This awesome person just became even more awesome. He told me — and I’m translating and paraphrasing here — there’s no use being shy. You gain nothing from it. :D

Meeting Catch must be one of the highlights in my blogging experience. Meeting a person who’s not afraid to explore and think beyond and a person who can create such great conversations, I really couldn’t ask for anything more from my win from his blog. (check it out here) He’s also one of the most genuine people I’ve met thus far and I’m glad for this new found friendship :D Thank you again Catch! :D I hope to see you soon, hopefully when I get a level-up on invites for events :D Thank you so much!!!!

Above is the picture of me and Catch taken from his Iphone 4s because the guard couldn’t leave his post to take a picture of us from Catch’s DSLR :D I remember him telling me that he didn’t expect me to be so tall… lol. I wasn’t able to react. I didn’t know how to hahaha. That’s also what Paul Jatayna ( told me when I met him which quite frankly I found so amusing because I never found myself to be tall… Oh well. Thank you is the best response :D

Everybody Check out Catch G’s blog :D his blog is also one of my fashion go-to’s for fashion inspiration and stuff so GO!!!!!!!! :D Thank you Catch for all the advice and encouragement :D BTW credits to him for the Mikey Bustos Picture, the first picture and this last picture :D

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