The Self-Indulgent Blogger

The self-indulgent blogger is a whore, he seeks to satisfy his lust of self-affirmation and virtual acceptance by bombarding the self with greed and pride instead of passion and connection.


I came across this post from IFB ( and it gives us an interesting perspective of the word “Blogger”. Is it good, is it bad, is it mediocre or nothing at all?

In all sense of it, when I’m asked about what I did before I even had work, I’d proudly say I was a blogger… but what does the title entail?

Here’s what I think of when I hear The B word.

The B word is a trigger on my mind telling me that it’s not me. I am not a blogger. I am one of the people behind blogs. B is a label we often misuse. I am not a blogger, but I am a blogger. There’s a confusion in me that is hard to resolve…

Bloggers have identities besides their blogs and that is exactly who we are, who I am. We are our identities. I’d rather be called MATT than “that blogger” or “a blogger”. I’m a big fan of individualism and that’s why as much as I am indeed a blogger. That’s not who I am and who you should not aspire to be. What you should aspire to be is the greatest version of yourself. Blogging is, more than an outlet, a window to someone’s life and interests and passion. 

Instead of following the fame, get to know the “blogger” because blogging may already be a profession, but profession can only go so far. What makes successful bloggers successful is their ability to fog a window only blurred enough to give people glimpses of what they do and let me tell you, what they do is not easy. 

One problem arises though. Did whatever I say, no matter how senseless it may seem, make so much a sense as to relay the message that having the title “blogger” is not necessarily a bad thing because it is, after all, what you call people who blog, but when that is marred by idolism instead of inspiration and fame more than life, then blogging is no more than just TV in words. Just like actors are figures, we are but figures ourselves. We must learn that when blogging for the blogger becomes about status as opposed to passion, we lose the very essence of blogging.And when we are wrapped within the confines of THE BLOG rather than THE PERSON, we lose our sensibilities and sanity because it is not really real, but a scratch in the surface of the person. 

I’m a blogger, but more than that, I am Matt :) I am me and you are you, we are we and all are all. Never forget that. Blogger is a term for the person, not the status. :)

P.S. did I make sense? Felt like I did to me, but did it make sense to you guys? uggggh… Mind’s broken, I think… Better fix it again, sorry :|

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