Bloody Rain

So, I was pumped up when I first heard that there was going to be another Outbreak and it was going to be near my place!  My heart just literally stopped! I was at a retreat during the first Outbreak and so I got so excited for this one! :) The date was set! 07.28.12…


the date reminded me so much of 28 weeks later and 28 days later. That only added to the adrenaline hahaha!


Before that though, one of my dgroup mates (Church group is called dgroup in our church), Vijay, called me up in the middle of the night to tell me that our dgroup leader was going to speak at a leadership class (GLC) in our church :) So, I went there early to show my support :)


So, I arrive there and I see the leader of my dgroup leader which technically makes him my grandpa (But let’s not get too technical here) and we both ask about work and stuff :) He works at the marketing department of Rockwell, so if you need a place, just give Rockwell a call and say, JEFF FERNANDEZ. hahaha! 


Found out he was speaking for the first part and my leader for the second part and  by the time I realized it, I had my “okay” face on. I was thinking about the what ifs :) But God is good, right? Whatever he plans for me, I’d gladly follow :)

Jeff, teaching us things about prayer and how to pray :)

Burgy (my dgroup leader), Ate Atid, Jeff fixing the equipment :)

Burgy and Jeff, two amazing people who inspire me to follow Christ :)

Ate Atid showing Burgy the prizes… which includes the “effeminate notebook” :)

Burgy and Ate Atid pause and reflect… este pose for the camera :)

Burgy told me he didn’t like to have his pictures taken during moments like these… his smile makes me think otherwise :)


So, after a much needed spiritual refresher, Vijay and I went to eat at McDonalds :) My regular McDo combo would be two P50 Spaghettis and the P25 Burger and fries :) P150 and you’re good for the day :)  


After eating, Vijay went on to have practice for prompting :) Gosh, how I’d love to be part of something like that, but God has other plans for me :) Anyways, I took my new 550d (whose name is now Edge)  to the tiangge and have them place a screen protector :) I am now one happy aspiring photographer :)


Vijay, goofing around after practice was over. Church is such a fun place to be in :) People have this notion that it’s boring. It’s not! Clean wholesome fun right there :)

Billie and her friend :) I was looking for things to shoot and found them :)

Vijay during practice with Louise and Eivo. Game face on… or so I thought. He was just staring at something :)

Jec almost having a nervous breakdown. Was supposed to be part of it all, but hey, photo ops. I have to be photographer-ish. Less of me, more of God’s other creation :)

Tantararaaaaaan! Time to go up the stage :)

Janine and Jonald watching attentively hahaha! :)))

Guess how much the contestant won!!! 700 pesos!!! Imagine that!


Finally! It came time for us to go to BGC!!! We met up with Joy and went to BGC. Alternate route was go down in Guadalupe and ride a jeep there :) We couldn’t stop talking about how excited we were! We got there and changed! I was so hungry I could eat a horse! Sadly, it rained, so we had to drop off our things at the baggage counter first before heading out and so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the freebies there!!! So, I’ll just mention them here… Thank you Greenwich for the free pizzas you handed out, fit N right for the free bottles of them you handed out, Mogu Mogu for the samples and the mascot, and for our free stuff and free extra life flags :)


Rain! Everybody take cover! Zombies are comiiiiiing! Hahahaha!

Vijay fixing his stuff while waiting for our wave.

Joy getting our race bibs. Thanks for registering me, Joy :)


Unfortunately, it was too dangerous to bring Edge (my new 550d) to the field. I’m overprotective LOL so I had to settle with no race pictures… Just decided to take pictures with zombies after the race :) In all fairness, the zombies were a good-looking bunch of living deads ;) Tita Michelle knew some of them :) Some advice for you guys first before the zombie photos :)


Advice 1: Bring extra plastic and an extra set of clothes :)

Advice 2: Bring the right type of shoes… Vijay lost his shoe’s sole :)

Yes. That is mud. So, Advice 3: bring some type of towel to clean up with. 

Advice 4: Eat after the run.  I ate so much before the run that I couldn’t run as fast :)


Advice 5: Survive :) hahaha! It only matters that you don’t hurt anyone along the way.


So, after all was said and done, what’s left to do is have some zombie pictures :)


Joy, smiling after a long run! She’s better than me at running! She used to swim for UST and she’s a swim instructor/coach too so I had no hope in beating her :)


Joy, thinking deeply to herself while we looked for zombies! :)

We found this cool guy with a cool costume! Thumbs up and Kudos to you for braving Outbreak wearing only a towel (And I assume, some shorts) hahaha!

Cool bunch of people in their costumes right there :)

Joseph the chef zombie is one of the people I mentioned that tita Michelle knows :) He’s one of my favorite zombies :)

Joy with Zombie chef :) Hahaha! Guilty of saying the picture was okay even if it was blurry because I was too embarrassed to say that I couldn’t make the camera work. Hahahaha!

See, zombies can be nice and friendly too :) Awesome… pure awesome :)

Vijay with his “Scared” face and two cool lady zombies :) FREEEEAKY!

More pics with Freaky cool zombie ladies :) 


It was an overall awesome experience!!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more! Rain or shine, Outbreak Manila is definitely one fun run to stay. Got my money’s worth :) My hunger was satisfied and my brain stayed intact :) I couldn’t be more happier. I ended July with a splat of bloody goodness! To experience the thrill of the apocalypse is one experience I’ll have forever :) Thank you Outbreak :)

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