Merry Christmas!!!

So this Christmas, apparently, I have no load and so I’d just like to thank the people who’ve touched my life in my blog which is one of the centerpieces of my communicative life :D Mind you, I’ll be using Tagalog in this post :D First time ever that I will use it in this blog… well, excessively more than I did the last time :D

So, to start off by thanking God for all the blessings and trials he’s given me. Without Him, I would be worth nothing and with this said, let me thank God also for my family.  Muchos Gracias mi Familia!!!! I owe everything to God first and then to you guys next. 

You’ve been such wonderful blessings to me. I know that we’ve all had our fair shares of fights, confrontations and sometimes even wars, but nonetheless, we’ve all proven that family is family, but more importantly, our family will always be our family and that no matter what, our love for each other will keep us closer each day.

My life would not be as it is without all the guidance and support you’ve given me from my darkest days and right into my glory days. The thought that we’ve all come from such a destructed place, and now rebuilding ourselves with stronger foundations makes me cry sometimes. I have to say that really, God is good because he’s allowed me to experience full joy with all of you now, before and forever. I promise to always be the best person I can be and I will always be there for all of you, not just because I owe it to you guys but because I want to because I love all of you :D Merry Christmas Family!!!!

Next on the list is my Auto Family where I’ve met so many great individuals. I know that our class our shop, and our family have gone through rough times in the past — from days we’d have brawls to days we’d bring alcohol to retreats and even to days when almost a half of our class would be called to the APSA (Asistant Principal for Student Affairs) just because we all wanted to bond with each other and do some unexpected things. Indeed, God has made me find a home in you guys. You know me well and I know all of you well. Hidden in our happy facade lies our secrets that we all so gladly keep and I love that about you guys, because as our saying goes “Walang laglagan” and with this said, I want to thank all of you for being forever my brothers. Our brotherhood is one thing I’ve kept in high regard all of these years… know that I will forever be grateful to all of you.  Merry Christmas mga bro! :D

To my EAC family, who I dearly miss. From our first days as stingrays to our glory days as Admirals.  Though I have not been as present as I needed to be, I have had much fun training with you guys as swimmers and as friends and as brothers and sisters. We’ve gone through gruesome trainings and undeniably great issues together so, allow me to thank each and every single one of you for being there with me during the rough patches between me and my dad because it was too much of a pressure for me having him coach the team I was in.  I love all of you, from the bottom of my heart, I do. You all have left a distinct mark in me that not everybody has and though we’ve been disbanded as Admirals, that legacy continues in my heart :D GO ADMIRALS!!! :D

To my Barkada who look like rockers in the pictures above, I have loved that when everybody else had their own groups and cliques, that we’ve gotten our own chance of spending time with each other. It’s been such a long time that we’ve been friends and a lot of things have happened in our lives that only we’ve come to share with each other and through it all, we’ve remained as strong in this friendship as ever. Even though we haven’t gone to any major outings and trips yet, like other groups, I’m glad that I’ve actually spent so many hours of my life experiencing new things in the metro with you all and I’m hoping to experience more pero please, wag naman sa strip clubs sa red light district hahaha! :D To my best group of friends, Thank you and I hope we can all get together again soon :D Merry Christmas!

To my best friend, Lorenz!!! ayan ah! special mention ka! hahaha! You’ve never failed to make me laugh! Even more than I should sometimes, but despite of that, whenever I need someone to talk to and to confide in, you were always one of the people I’d look for kasi I know kahit di mo ko bigyan ng serious advice, that you’d still make me feel better. Thank you for the silly moments we had. Who would’ve known that we would be best friends diba? We’re total opposites but we managed to have come to terms in our friendship! Sorry for all the missed birthdays na di kita nabati. I already owe so much to you hahaha! Promise, I’ll make it up soon enough :D Promise mo din na isa ako sa mga una mong aayusin ang ngipin kapag licensed ka na ah! hahaha! I doubt I’ll get words of mercy and understanding from you when you see my teeth :D Merry Christmas Bespren! :D

To my Jzone family of whom I share most of my Facebook pictures with, I owe most of my leadership and social skills to you guys for just allowing me to grow with all of you. I cannot imagine my world right now without having all of you in my life. I have gone through struggles and pains, of which you’ve all never failed to comfort me and be with me. I cannot express how grateful I am to the Lord for giving me brothers and sisters in Christ like all of you. I have been led astray sometimes but your encouragements have helped me realize that some certainties are meant to be found in people like you guys :D Merry Christmas!!!!

To the MEGA Magazine family especially to Sir Avel, Sir Suki, Ms. Meryll, Sir Kris ,Sir Tedrick, Kuya Mycke, Guilly, Chelsea, Bjorn, Aldrich, Ate Tin, Jasmin, Phoebe, Argie and Clarence. Thank you so much! You guys believed in me when nobody else would and I say that again because I am so appreciative of all of you. It is no wonder that you guys have made it this far in the industry, because of the innovation you guys bring to the table but moreso your attitude towards people. I wish so much to call you “my” family but I would not wish to assume a place in it, although that is what I have felt from all of you. It has been like a warm embrace for me to have been welcomed by such revered and influential people like all of you.  I know that all of you will continue to make waves of inspiration for everyone. Continue to shape lives and careers! Merry Christmas MEGA! :D

To the Penshoppe family, I want to thank you guys for trusting me with passes to your events and products for my giveaway. I have been so excited to see how Penshoppe does what it does and I’m so glad that in discovering how, that Ihave met such wonderful people along the process, namely, Sir Alex; Ms. Rocel; Queen B, Ms. Joyce Ramirez of Publicity Asia; Sir Albert who is partly in charge of the international sales of Penshoppe and Sir Bernie Liu  :D You all have been so wonderfully humble and kind to me that it gives me hope that many large corporations in this country are also large families that bridge gap between people. You are all amazing people, as individuals and as a functioning body of a large company. I love how all of you talk and how all of you are just so kindled into each other’s lives. Again, Penshoppe, Thank you and hope to work with you guys again soon, not just on giveaways :D wait for me! I’m almost there :D Merry Christmas, Penshoppe!!!!

To the Questronix family, I am thrilled and overflowing with joy because of the fact that, God-willing, I will be working with you all :D it has been a good run for me, spending time with all of you and I still, in all my senses, cannot believe that I have found a home in Questronix. Quite, honestly, I was really nervous at first because I had never worked in an office environment before but getting to know you guys has seized my dread and has given me new hope for my future endeavors. I am glad that what I have experienced in the midst of all of you, will be experienced by many more as you guys make them feel at home as well. We have many more events to see together and I hope that when that day comes, we shall all be the best that we are because of what we all encourage each other to be. Merry Christmas, Questronix!

To my Blogger friends, new and old alike, Ana Gonzales, Frankie Torres, Paula De los Reyes, Tatie Aquino, Bjorn Bedayo, Paul Jatayna, David Guison, Jill Bantang, Firras Abboud, Karl Leuterio, Rap Erfe and Elpee Abias, thank you for being so nice and friendly. I have always held you guys at such a high pedestal that I forgot that you were humans too and it’s been so great feeling so welcomed by each and every single one of you. You guys have inspired me to do what I love best, which is writing and pursuing the arts. You guys have shown me the importance of Nike’s saying “Just Do It” and you have made me believe that everything is attainable, personally, romantically and financially. I have always believed that this community was a community full of snobs… boy, was I wrong :D I never thought, in my years of existence would I be doing what I am right now, so thank you and Merry Christmas, hope to see all of you again soon :D

To my friends and professors in Mapua and Don Bosco and those I’ve met over the past events I’ve attended and endeavors. It’s been such a wonderful ride in life because of all your quirks and attitude and just amazing feats. It’s always been my fear to enter college and to attend events but, when I met all of you, that fear just seemed to slip away somehow. You guys have been awesome from the simplest to the most extravagant ways. I will never forget you all as I embark on journeys in my life that require me to have courage because you guys have taught me how to be strong and kung pano kumapal mukha ko. I could have never been where I am without all of you! Merry Christmas sainyo!!!!

To all my dear Celebrity friends and acquaintances, I’m glad to have finally met you guys because again, as I told my blogger friends, I’ve held you guys at such a high of a pedestal that I forgot that you were humans too.  was so shocked that you guys were so fun and approachable. I really wasn’t ready for conversations because I never thought that you guys would be so cool as to talk to people like me, who are just trying to penetrate into the industry, and give them a chance to be part of your lives no matter how small of a space that is. It’s been a good year for my blogging life and I’m glad I’ve got you guys to share that with as one of my dreams that have been reached. I have also, through you guys, been reminded to be always humble and kind to others because that is in essence why other people are drawn to you and not fame, not power, not fortune. It is love first :D so to the ever magnificent and elegant Bianca Gonzales, The always exuberant Tim Yap, the funny and kind Jon Avila, The lovely and “Bongels” couple Divine Lee and Victor Basa, the gracious ladies Teresa Herrera and Sarah Meier, the very dashing Mikael Daez and Super humble Markki Stroem,  Thank you again and hope to see all of you again soon :D Maybe next event or next Fashion week or at a taping :D Oh and once I manage to put up and establish my own business, you’re all invited to the opening :D hahaha! Merry Christmas! :D

To my blog sponsors and soon to be sponsors, I have been privileged to work with you guys and to be a part of the list of people to entrust your names with. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for all of you, it has always been impressed upon me that only celebrities get sponsors but, with your kindness and trust, I may not be a celebrity but I am now a certified sponsored blogger. I can now be validated a one person in the circle of people who have been blessed to be working with such great brands and names, so I must say that it’s been a great run for me doing blogging because I am assured that I have influential names backing me up. It makes me want to work harder and be better, so rest assured, I will carry the names of your brands with pride and I will promote it decently and even to the extent without cost, for the simplest reason that you’ve entrusted me great responsibilities that no one else would. Thank you again and Merry Christmas :D

To my brothers in Christ, my Beloved Dgroup of whom I am accountable to, next to God and my family. To Burgy, Tim, Patrick, Vijay, Zeke, Echo, Sam, Marco, Allaine, Jyru, James, Vincent, Jake, Lorenz, Eljohn, Noy, Janno, Yeager, Daniel, Jerwyn, Bastian, Kim, Christian, I just want to say how much I appreciate you guys! You’ve all impacted my life in more ways than one! I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of you! I owe my changed life to you all! Without you, I would still be out partying and not giving a care about anybody else but myself. Thanking you for accepting me for who I am but loving me enough to help me change for the better. I appreciate all your guidance, patience and most especially your love. It is with your continuous efforts that I continue to believe in the Lord. Without all of you, I might still be the self-absorbed suicidal atheist! You guys are one of my heroes and my strengths so Thank you so much!!!! I love you guys! :D Merry Christmas! Sana makasama ako sa Christmas overnight natin :D

How could I forget? I want to greet all of my readers a very merry Christmas! I wouldn’t also be where I am if it wasn’t for all of you! Undoubtedly, you are some of the best people I’ve met! It was nice meeting some of you online and it was nice meeting some of you personally too, especially when we go to events together :D I hope I have made you guys happy at some point in your lives. I might not be the best blogger but I sure do hope I’ve made an impact in your lives. I am always thankful to have such loyal readers. I cannot explain the contentment I feel whenever I hear you guys appreciate what I’ve written for you to read. It’s very heartwarming and sometimes, I do even cry when I read how you guys have loved my work. Please never grow tired of me as I will never get tired of all of you. You are one of my greatest source of inspiration and hope. I strive to be better because you uys are part of my reason to do so. May your Christmases bring you closer to your families! I love you all!!!! Merry Christmas :D


Well, it’s taken me a day and a half to finish these thank yous and I hope you guys appreciate it! it ay not be as personal as the others but it is really true to how I feel about all of you. Have a Merry Christmas guys! I love you all!

BTW. Watch out for my new year giveaway :D so as to break away from the Holiday norm of Christmas giveaways :D

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